How To Choose the Perfect Bathroom Colors

how to choose bathroom colors

How to choose the perfect bathroom colors: For many, the bathroom is a valuable space. But your bathroom has untapped potential to be so much more – a serene spa-like retreat, vibrant oasis, or even a showcase room flaunting your unique style. Choosing the perfect color scheme is the key to transforming your essential bath into an eye-catching highlight of your home.

The paint colors and hues you select can increase the bathroom’s appeal and completely change how the room makes you feel. Color psychology shows that certain shades evoke different emotions – blue creates calm, yellow energizes, and green promotes unwinding. But how do you choose with hundreds of paint options out there? Follow this guide to pick the ideal color palette for your bathroom refresh.

how to choose bathroom colors

How to Pick the ideal color palette for your bathroom refresh

The first step is deciding what overall look and feel you want for your bathroom. Here are some popular style options to consider:


A classic color scheme has a timeless elegance. Opt for neutral tans, beiges, whites, and grays accented with metallics like bronze and silver. This creates a soothing spa-like ambiance.


Try bold colors like jet black, bright white, slate gray, and chrome for a modern vibe. The clean lines and high contrast make for a chic, urban bath.


Capture the essence of the beach with soft blues, greens, sandy tans, and white. For a coastal cottage feel, incorporate natural textures like wood, marble, and stone.


Traditional rooms feature rich, warm hues like burgundy, hunter green, navy, and gold. Floral accents and ornate details complete the classic look.

How to choose the perfect bathroom colors: Consider the Size of the Space

The size of your bathroom is a critical factor in choosing an effective color scheme. Here are some guidelines:

Small Bathrooms

Stick with light colors to make a small space feel open and airy. Try an all-white scheme or pale blue, green, or gray on the walls. Use crisp white molding and accessories to keep it bright. Add pops of color with towels, rugs, and art.

Large Bathrooms

Dark, saturated hues work well in large bathrooms, as they make a bold statement without closing the space in. Try an eggplant or navy blue wall color paired with brass fixtures. Introduce lighter accents to prevent it from feeling too dark.

Medium Bathrooms

A medium bath offers flexibility – you can use light or dark shades. Pair a neutral tan or gray wall color with contrasting bright white trim for balance. Punch up the scheme with colorful artwork and accessories.

Factor in Natural Lighting

The amount of natural light your bathroom receives should guide your color selection. Let’s take a look at some cases of natural lighting in the bathroom.

Well-Lit Bathroom

If your bath is filled with sunlight, use lighter colors like soft greens, blues, and grays to enhance brightness. Deeper shades like terra cotta and plum can work too.

Low Light Bathroom

A bathroom with little natural light calls for light reflective colors to maximize brightness. Stick with white or ashen hues like mint, baby blue, and pearl gray. Paint the ceiling white to help reflect light.

Combination Lighting

Consider a two-tone scheme if parts of your bathroom are bright while others are darker. Use lighter shades in the darker spots and pair with complementing medium tones where light is abundant.

How to choose the perfect bathroom colors: Choose Materials and Textures

The materials and finishes you use also impact the color scheme. Some common materials to look at include:


Vibrant tile can be the focal point, allowing you to use more basic wall colors. For bathrooms with colorful tile, stick with white, gray, or beige paint. Opt for a complementary tile color and keep the grout neutral.

Wood Cabinets

Wood-stained cabinets pair well with colors inspired by nature, like sage green, light blue, tan, and warm gray. Tint woodwork the same shade as walls for a cohesive look.

Marble and Stone

Marble and stone surfaces, from deep navy to light green, work with light and dark paint colors. Tie it with metallic accents and hardware—neutralize patterns with a solid wall color.

How to choose the perfect bathroom colors: Establish Functional Zones

Use color to define separate spaces and functions in your bathroom:

Shower/Tub Area

Paint the walls and ceiling of the shower/tub zone a lighter color than the rest of the room to make the space feel open and bright. Aqua, seafoam, and sky blue are pleasing options.

Vanity Space

Ground the vanity area with a deeper, richer color than the surrounding walls. Popular vanity wall colors include deep purple, emerald, and navy blue. Trim in crisp white.

Toilet Zone

Differentiate the toilet portion of the bathroom with a neutral tan, beige, or gray to minimize focus on the space—accent with art, a plant, or other decorative details.

Test Colors

Once you’ve narrowed down your preferred color scheme, test out samples before committing. For example:

  • Paint large swatches on walls and allow them to dry completely. View in both natural and artificial light at different times of day.
  • Collect colored towels, decorate boxes, artwork, or other items in potential colors, and arrange them in the bathroom to visualize the scheme.
  • Order free paint samples online or at hardware stores. Paint strips of each color and move around the bathroom to compare.
  • Thoughtfully selecting the perfect color palette results in a beautiful, functional bathroom you’ll love for years. Consider the style, size, lighting, and materials in your space. And don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors to make your bathroom truly one-of-a-kind!

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