Link Solutions painting company offers a variety of professional residential and commercial painting services. A top rated painting contractor in Massachusetts founded by 4 childhood friends that all shared the same dedication and drive for quality painting services. Our interior and exterior painting services have been selected by many homeowners in the Boston MetroWest area.

drywall painting for commercial

Drywall Painting For Commercial Spaces

Drywall painting for commercial spaces: Choosing a suitable wall finish can be a real head-scratcher, especially for companies outfitting large commercial or industrial spaces. And one

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dryfall painting for commercial sites

Dryfall Painting For Commercial Sites

Dryfall painting for commercial sites: According to recent surveys, over 65% of facility managers dread repainting their industrial and commercial interiors because of the mess, headaches,

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painting and priming wood

Priming Wood Before Painting 

Priming Wood Before Painting: Why it matters: Painting wood surfaces can seem deceptively simple. After all, how hard can it be to slap some paint on

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painted closet

Guide to Painting Your Closet

Guide to painting your closet: Are you growing weary of your closet’s unchanged appearance every day? Do its walls seem dull and lack inspiration? A new

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